Living in The Cloud

  1. Living in the Cloud: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
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  3. We live in the Big Cloud: And we hate it… Is it time for Hipster IT?

All of that search, that email, that health advice, that mapping, that daily fix of social interaction, that news, the funny videos, the pictures of cats: Although not necessarily available at zero cost. I may offer some hope towards the end of this missive, but not quite yet. Oh, and did the Russians hack the US Election campaign? The fact is, even if we did trust our cloud providers, are they doing a very good job of protecting us from ourselves?

In less than ten years, the number of smartphones, our main portal into the connected world, sold every year has risen from just over million, to almost 1. And the cost to the global economy of all of that data up there in the cloud being systematically attacked: Almost half a trillion dollars a year. Maybe with our concerns about privacy and new cyber attacks and breaches being reported every day, we should move back to a simpler time?

Is it time for Hipster IT? All over the world, there is a move to artisan food and craftsmanship: Should we be taking a leaf from the hipster book and do it the old fashioned way?

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I downloaded my email to my PC, deleted it on the server, and then I unplugged the modem from the telephone jack, so people could actually call me, which they did before we all got mobile phones. If you wanted to find out what was in my email, you would have to physically find me, wrestle my 8" screen laptop from my hands, and crack my amazingly uninventive password. But then, as only about 12 people that I knew even had email, the list of interesting items was not long. Should we go back to that time, disconnect from our increasingly connected world, buy analogue watches, spend our lives in libraries researching useless facts, and then stand for hours in the rain trying to hail the last cab in the city?

Living in the Cloud: Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Most of my own business is driven by fear of the cloud. I frantically looked for a place but Craigslist and newspaper classifieds turned up nothing. When she moves, the house will be sold and I will be out of a room.

Will we soon be living in the cloud?

But in both places available housing is so scarce that prices are stratospheric. I applied for subsidized housing at two places that required me to send paperwork by mail, and I was refused a spot on their years-long waiting lists because my income is too low. In my twenties I applied for general assistance and was turned down—but not before a social worker advised me to have a baby if I wanted public money.

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What little safety net remains might catch you if you fall hard enough to lose your home and job at once. The self-evaluation exercises seemed like they might be helpful, and work and housing are snugly intertwined. If nothing else, the solution-oriented focus might shore up my resolve to keep trying. The same advice comes up repeatedly in the book: Take a group of friends out to dinner and compare notes. Ask 10 family members to help you with career path evaluations. This presented a problem. I have nobody to call or visit, to have a cup of coffee with or phone to check in about matters great and small.

What if we saw our homes like netbooks or tablet computers, i. What if we stored most of our stuff in the cloud? Technology is making cloud living possible. Book a Zipcar on your phone.

We live in the Big Cloud: And we hate it… Is it time for Hipster IT?

Need a fancy dress? Get one from Rent the Runway.

Living in the Clouds

Need toys for your kids? Subscribe to Babyplays or Toyconomy. Have something you want to offer your neighbor? Post it on Ohsowe or Nextdoor. Want make some dough renting your video equipment? Get a membership at a coworking space. Need a guest room?

This does not mean we need to give away all of our possessions. Someone who cooks all the time needs their own set of cookware. A photographer needs his own camera. Cloud living actually allows you to access all things some of the time.