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East Germany followed suit soon thereafter, but did not use postal district numbers after the city name, but instead incorporated them into the postal code. Therefore, there was a Berlin in the west and 1 xxx numbers for the eastern parts of Berlin. The postal district numbers at least in the big cities that actually used them had a certain sociopolitical connotation. In Berlin the famed notorious? I think the SO part actually predated the numbering and I suspect that it was probably used in parallel for a while, possibly to indicate mail distribution centers.

But that is pretty much speculation on my part since I never actually saw the letter designation used on contemporary mail — only the digits. You can look up German postal codes here: Here is a German address with Umlauts and Sharp s and its transcription: It is capitalized as shown.

About the hyphenation of German street names, Otto Stolz writes: In this example [i. Particularly, compounds starting with a proper name are always written with hyphens, cf. Unfortunately, the version of the official orthographic rules are in a monolithic PDF file without the possibility to link directly to the several sections. Note that not all street names are compounds: A particular pitfal lurks in the -er suffix: Also from Otto Stolz: There are two more types of addresses you may wish to mention: In medium, and large, places, post office boxes are assigned particular codes, different from the street's codes.

Only small places have a single code both for street, and post office box, addresses. The street address must not be used for a letter to a post office box. The new, 5-digit, post codes brought a particular form of address for authorities, institutions, or enterprises receiving large amounts of mail. The easiest way, however, to find the correct post code is to look at the sender's address of the letter you are answering, or in the WWW homepage of the adressee. Note that you must use the street address with its particular post code for parcels and for express delivery, e. D1, Mannheim Source: Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord page.

More information in german only: All mail from the USA to Germany passes through a single point: Frankfurt am Main, where it is scanned for delivery within Germany. The scanners are looking for German city names, not English ones.

Golden Gate Barrio

By the same token, American scanners do not look at German city names at all. Therefore you should use German city names in your addresses , not English names: At its peak the German Empire encompassed most of notheastern Europe. Hence, many cities and towns once German are now Polish, Czech, Russian, and so on, and in most cases their names have changed from German. In similar fashion some East German cities have been renamed or un-renamed since reunification, such as Karl-Marx-Stadt back to Chemnitz. For more maps of the shifting 20th-Century East European borders, see this page thanks to Katarzyna Siwek for the reference.

German states are not used in postal addresses, but nevertheless sometimes we find addresses in which a state name is used instead of the country, e. Such addresses should be converted to omit the state name and to include a postcode, which can be looked up at sites in the Links at the end of this section or in the Postleitzahlenbuch. Germany's current states are shown in the following table. When the English name of a German state or city is different from the German name, the English name is shown in parentheses. PLZ is the approximate postal code range for reality checking.

My original values are in bold ; either these were not very accurate, or a once-simple system has become more complicated, or some combination: Interestingly, while France and Spain operate postal services side by side in Andorra, neither have postcodes for the Principality. Also see the section on Italy for more countries or pieces of countries inside of other countries. Otto Stolz lists several other places that are part of two countries' postcode systems A for Austria, D for Germany: These four places are not really exclaves, as they are connected to the Austrian mainland — though in pathless mountain regions, whilst the roads go in from Germany.

Particularily funny is the border around Jungholz: Jungholz's precincts are connected to the Austrian mainland in one single point, on top of the Sorgschrofen mountain. Enclaves and Exclaves Wikipedia. Postleitzahlensuche official Deutsche Post postcode lookup Postleitzahl PLZ Service unofficial page, search based on maps rather than place names.

How to enter German characters on non-German keyboards. A typical example from the UPU addressing formats guide is: The F- or FR- country code prefix is omitted from the postcode in this example, but is often seen in practice. Mark Brader points out: Several other spots in the Western Hemisphere are also parts of France, and share the same postal codes. Each of these is treated by the USPS as a distinct country for addressing purposes. Ditto for French departments in the Pacific Ocean. The new postal codes are as follows: As you can see, the two countries share the same code space i.

Prague and some of the other Czech and Slovak cities also put zone district numbers after the city name.

A Vanished Phoenix Barrio: Visions of Life on 16th Street – Barriozona Magazine

From to , the republics of Serbia and Montenegro were federated into a single country having code CS which had formally belonged to Czechoslovakia ; in they separated and received the codes shown below. As always, the spelling of country names for addressing purposes is the USPS spelling since, after all, it is the USPS that must recognize the country name. International mail service to the province of Kosovo is currently under the administrative supervision of an interim United Nations U.

To ensure proper handling and transmission of postal items to Kosovo, the following addressing format must be used: I'm not sure if this actually applies to the newly independent Kosovo but it the only guidance we have at the moment. Nor is it clear what will happen to mail sent to Kosovo through Serbia, from which it broke away. Kosovo has not yet applied for UN membership and it is not expected to. However, since Kosovo is de facto an international entity and has established diplomatic relations with 65 countries, Kosovo and other countries have been using KV as a two-letter country code and RKS as a three-letter country code.

Here's the regular-format table for these counties: Bosnian refers to nationality, Bosniak refers to the Bosnian-speaking population, as opposed to the Serbs and Croats. Bosnia-Herzegovina has 5-digit postal codes: The website shows the following sample address: The site is not clear about the relationship of the postcode and the address code the example shows both the postcode and the address code in the same address, but the text says Instead of the existing postal code, a new address code is introduced , but the Universal Postal Union writes the same address like this: You should be aware that Macedonia Makedonija is a controversial name, claimed also by Greece.

Also note the usage of the Cyrillic versus Latin alphabet. Latin letters seem to be the rule in Bosnia and Kosovo but Cyrillic is also used; Cyrillic predominates in Macedonia. Reportedly, in Vojvodina the street signs used to be in six languages: Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, these countries have also been known — with decreasing frequency — as the Commonwealth of Independent States CIS. The country names shown are the ones recognized by the USPS highlighted names link to postal authorities, or at least they did at the time this section was last updated but web addresses tend to change out from under us.

The postcode formats and city line examples come from the Universal Postal Union except where noted. As you can see, the UPU says that Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Russia put the postal code on a line by itself under the city name. This is a rather new phenomenon, and it might be confusing for USPS postal sorters, which until about could always expect the name of the city to appear on the line just above the name of the country the United Kingdom has adopted the same practice , and in any case does not seem to be the form used on most mail pieces.

In the 20th Century, most of these countries wrote addresses backwards from how we write them, e. This form fell into disuse about , at least in Russia and Ukraine, which have switched to the same minor-to-major top-to-bottom presentation used in most other places, while other former Soviet republics such as Kyrgyzstan still use the major-to-minor form [ more about Kyrgyzstan ].

In any case, when addressing mail to these countries, write addresses in the normal USA order, because the USPS looks at the bottom of the address, not the top, for the City line and Country name, and of course write at least the City and Country lines in Roman letters. This form works best the last two lines are, of course, omitted for mail within Russia: Where should the postcode go? The examples just above postcode left of the city name, no prefix seem to show the prevailaing usage in , despite the UPU recommends of putting it on a line by itself.

All of the following formats have been seen by me: In Russia alone the largest country on earth, by far , there are approximately 89 subdivisions. In Ukraine, 25; Belarus: The subdivision oblast, kray, etc should be included when the mail is not addressed to a large city regional center, capital of oblast, independent city, etc.

In Ukraine, for example, mail being sent to Zaporozhye, Kharkov, Kiev, Chernigov or any other regional center capital of oblast does not require any indication of oblast nobody addresses mail to Kiev, Kievskaya oblast or Vinnitsa, Vinnitskaya oblast , etc. However, if mail is being sent to, say, Pology, which is a district center within Zaporozhye oblast, there should be an indication of oblast Zaporozhskaya oblast.

Box Melitopol Zaporozhskaya obl. There are no official abbreviations for subdivisions in Russia or Ukraine like those for states of the USA. However, shortening for some regions oblast are accepted and understood, e. Moskovskaya oblast - Mosk. Postal codes are required everywhere. I do not know for a fact that mail pieces from America to say Russia are flown to any destination besides Moscow, but just now I noticed that the latest USPS Internation Mail Manual includes a large table, Areas Served Within Russia , listing hundreds of cities by postal code!

Follow the link and then scroll down. Today it is the Hong Kong of Russia. It is addressed like any other Russian city: Shponka City Hall Pl. Although the Cyrillic alphabet was used throughout most of the Soviet Union, some of the former Soviet republics are converting to Roman or Arabic script. Georgia and Armenia each have always had their own unique scripts.

Newly independent from Indonesia. Indonesian postcodes have fallen into disuse. Dili post office was Mail is sent to PO Boxes e. I don't know if street deliveries have resumed since Postcode lookup page is HERE. Reverted from Britain to China in , maintaining a semi-independent status. Hong Kong has automated sorting but no postal codes. However, to satisfy the need for postal codes in Internet Web forms, package tracking, etc, China post has introduced a single postcode for Hong Kong, Addressing has not changed.

Macao is addressed as if it were a country; the line above the Country Name is not the City Line, but the street address or P. As with Hong Kong, China post has http: Postcode lookup is available HERE. The UPU says the postal code should go on the country line, but that conflicts with USPS rules, so either put it on the left of the City Line because a numeric zone can go on the right or on a line by itself. The UPU says 5 digits above the locality name i. City Line but then shows the postcode below the City Line; let's compromise and put it on the City Line.

There is also a Wikepedia page of unknown provenance with a list of top-level Vietnamese postcodes for each province HERE. All pages on these sites are available in English as well as Vietnamese. Taiwan seems to have disappeared from the UPU listings; Taiwan address format is described in this Wikipedia page. Don't mix them up. The Peoples Republic of China is the big "mainland" one. The Peoples Republic of China has provinces like Shanxi, and address are written as in the examples below, which I have seen on actual letters.

Recent UPU addressing recommendations are vague about the Chinese province and other address parts such a prefecture ; certainly it should be included if the postal code is not known, and I'm sure it can't hurt even when the postal code is included. In the absence of clear addressing guidelines, the more information the better. Addresses I have seen go like this: It should be noted that Chinese Han writing is mostly language-independent, and therefore can be used all over China, where dozens of languages are spoken to name just a few: However, Romanized transcriptions are based on a particular language such as Mandarin, and therefore lack the same degree of universality.

The Provinces and Autonomous Regions of Peoples China are listed in the following table, as they are used in addresses. Provinces are in regular type; autonomous regions are shown in italics. The Pinyin spelling is given on the left with the traditional English form on the right often Wade-Giles, but not always. Use the Pinyin form. Here's a sample Hong Kong address: Although postcodes are not needed for Hong Kong and Macau, a single postcode has been assigned to each region to satisfy the growing requirement for postcodes: Hong Kong Macau Links: These mail pieces are sorted by hand upon arrival to Japan, where postal scanners handle only Kanji and Kana addresses written in major-to-minor order.

A typical romanized address looks like this: These subdivisions are numbered; the street address above means 4-chome 1-ban 1-biru. Tokyo is so big, it is called Tokyo-to and contains -shi of its own. The prefecture can be omitted for large cities, as can the -shi or -to suffix; thus the address above could also be written: Now the first three digits are the area and the last four are the district within the area; the 7-digit code denotes a post office. And it has postal codes.

Logically we would write Singapore addresses like this: All the street signs also had to be changed, since they had 4-digit postcodes on them. Under the new system, each building in Singapore has its own unique postcode. The state names are not used. According to Yateendra Joshi of New Delhi, "State names are totally redundant and are not required in the address at all.

The post code and the delivery post office go together, as in Hyderabad or Bangalore Nothing but a space, ideally a dash, should come between the two. If you need to specify the state, it should come after the postal code, as in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh or AP. For the record, India has the following states postal abbreviation shown: For long and other forms of the country names, see the Index.

Links from country names are to postal authorities, if known, otherwise to other postal information pages for the country. Postcodes can be three or four digits, through 12xx. Delivery is only to post office boxes. Prior to Iran had 5-digit postal codes; now is converting to digit codes the code shown in the table above is made up, for lack of a genuine example. Iran's postcode page is HERE. Mail to Iran can be addressed as in this hypothetical example: Israel postcodes went from 5 to 7 digits in March [ see Wikipedia article ].

Searching the Web for Isreali postal addresses written in the Roman alphabet shows examples with the postcode on the left, and others with the postcode on the right.

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Iranian addresses are written in major to minor order, town at the top, followed by street address, then addressee. The postal code is important because there are many cases of duplicate street names in the same city, even a few duplicate building numbers in the same street. According to the Universal Postal Union, the following African countries write the postal code on a line by itself: The length of the PO Box number is variable. The zone is two digits for regular post-office box delivery, or 3 digits starting with 1 to indicate direct building delivery. This site does not work well except with Internet Explorer.

A previous version of the site had a postcode lookup area Arabic only but if the new site has one, I can't find it. November , this link doesn't work any more, I can't find any English pages on the site. It is the island in the Comoros that voted to stay French when the others voted for independence, but the UN supports the Comoros' claim to the island. Mail to street addresses is returned to the sender. Examples of valid addresses: If a person from Nigeria is a Nigerian, then what is someone from Niger?

French Polynesia, New Caledonia are not countries either, but parts or dependencies of other countries such as France. Not listed are the following United States territories and possessions, which are addressed as if they were states of the USA: Other Portuguese islands in the area such as Madeira, however, must be addressed through Portugal. The island name can be omitted for Las Palmas. You can also write de between the town and island names instead of a hyphen.

There is only one town — Adamstown — so town names or street addresses don't seem to be needed or used; you can address people by name or PO Box. Ted Cookson who has visited every country in the world, and who has been to Pitcairn three times reports: Adamstown is the only settlement on Pitcairn. But no one lives at Bounty Bay. Actually, there are only about 45 people on the island these days anyway.

In spite of all the talk over the years, there is still no airport on Pitcairn and will not be one in the short-term. And there is no shipping service from the U. Cruise ships call from four to six times a year. Expensive yachts also go to Pitcairn now and again from Mangareva in French Polynesia.

The islanders arrange for freight to be delivered to the island once or more annually on ships which normally originate in New Zealand and stop off en route to the Panama Canal.


Mail is carried on all of these vessels. The Pacific islands are sometimes assigned to three groups: These classifications have nothing to do with postal addressing and should not be used in postal addresses. Hence the fact that they have their own postal administrations from La Poste, and issue their own stamps — French postcodes are comparatively recent introductions. They even have their own currency, the French Pacific Franc. Where to find the most confusing addresses on earth What should be the name of this section?

Let's begin by reviewing the terminology: The United Kingdom itself is a country. Thus it is a country that is made up of four countries. A country made of countries might seem a paradox, yet the countries that make up the UK, especially England, Scotland, and Wales, do not think of themselves as anything less; Scotland has its own Parliament and banknotes, Wales has its own language and National Assembly, all three have national identities going back more than a thousand years, and the Encyclopedia Britannica calls them countries next item.

Canada Post uses it as their only recognized name for the United Kingdom. By this definition it includes the countries of England, Scotland, and Wales. It has nothing to do with Empire or world domination and simply refers to the time when the island was administered and fought over by the French. In any case, the ambiguity of the term Great Britain — is it a country, an island, or a group of islands? It is home to the Bretons, Britons who fled from the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries and who renamed the place Little Britain , and who speak a Celtic language, also called Breton, similar to Welsh and Cornish.

Bretagne became part of France in Some say that Breton and Welsh fisherfolk can chat with each other in their closely related languages. Another term to avoid, since the Irish do not consider their island a British isle. A better term would be The Islands of Britain and Ireland. Opinions are divided as to whether these and other adjacent islands such as the Scottish islands Outer Hebrides are also British Isles or part of Great Britain see conflicting definitions above. Rex or Regina F. Most of these countries gained their independence after World War II some earlier but many of them remained in the Commonwealth next item.

The non-UK, non-Dependency parts of the Commonwealth do not use UK postal codes because they are independent countries. The Overseas Territories are not members of the Commonwealth because they are not independent countries. Each Overseas Territory is a separate jurisdiction with its own postal addressing arrangements; some of them participate in the UK postcode system. Prior to that Ireland was ruled by England and before that, like much of England itself, by Vikings, but unlike England, never by the Romans or Normans.

Ireland's capital is Dublin. Ireland is not part of the United Kingdom or the Commonwealth. Thus contrary to popular belief, Ulster is not a proper synonym for Northern Ireland. The notation and formats used are the very latest recommended by Royal Mail except Ireland, which has nothing to do with Royal Mail. As always, links are to the appropriate postal authorities. British Antarctic Territory is not included because "you can't get there from here" the USPS does not recognize it as a destination.

Camping at Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona

NP is not an actual vessel, but the the name for the group of Royal Navy and Royal Marines who run the civilian government on Diego Garcia. They are headed by a Royal Navy officer who represents Britain on the island. The US Navy describes the situation better here. The BFPO number is here. What is the UK? Traditional English addresses tend to have lots of parts that we are not used to seeing, like: The postal town should be written in uppercase and, as noted above, current practice seems to favor omitting the county, since counties are a moving target anyway.

It's difficult for Americans to comprehend the constant reshuffling of British counties, given the immutability of our own states, not to mention the fanatical cultural nationalism surrounding statehood: Recently Royal Mail the British postal service has been updating its addressing standards and recommendations. The Royal Mail website includes an Address Management page referenced below that summarizes the new format. Since it is a web page, it is likely to disappear at any moment, so I've taken the liberty of reproducing its summary table, titled What Is a Correct Postal Address?

Example Name of addressee Title, initials, surname. In such cases it is: Of course without some sort of street or PO Box details the address is incomplete and some of them must be present, but the rules for valid combinations are exceptionally complicated - as you imply with your wonderful 'where to find the most confusing addresses on earth' introduction.

These are the rules , and the following are the exceptions that prove them: The first letter or pair of letters identifies the city or town which contains the main sorting office for the area. See also the exceptions below. The next figure or pair of figures [or digit and letter, or possibly even pair of letters] identifies the postal district eg, G1 covers part of the centre of Glasgow, G2 covers a different part and so on. Greg Boettcher offers a list of initial letter s of British postal codes in CSV format, which in all but 7 cases pinpoint the postal district.

British postal code, Main sorting office, Region. Each sector is served by a delivery office where the postal workers who actually deliver the mail get hold of it. One worker will deliver all of the mail to the addresses covered by this designation. Finally comes the full postcode called the 'unit postcode' which on average contains 'delivery points', ie, letterboxes which the mail gets put through e.

There are a couple of exceptions worth mentioning. London postal codes have starting letters which use the points of the compass eg N4 6BQ for an address in the north of the city or SW1 4AB for one in the south-west. Ben Watson adds, The reason London postcodes 'areas' are based on points of the compass is not because the city is so large, but because postally, London has been divided this way for well over a hundred years. Around London, you can see that some of the very old street name signs have NW or whatever after or below the street name modern London street signs state the full postal district - eg.

Mark Brader observes that the system has been extended twice — from the original NW to NW1 in the first half of the 20th century, then to NW1 1AB in the second half as your other submitters have mentioned. Some of the street signs with 'NW1' would date from before there were postal codes. However, there some sort of logic behind it! The district of the main office in an area is always 1, then the rest of the numbers were assigned sequentially to an alphabetically ordered list of the rest of the districts in the area.. Which is confirmed by Hugh Dunne: When British postal codes were first introduced, they only covered London and were of the form W1, SE9, etc — but this was in the s.

Thus 'London W1', although seen in literature, is archaic and should not be encountered in modern addresses. Mark Brader states, however, that This is wrong. There were no numbers back then. The term for notations like 'London NW1' and 'New York 22', where the coded part is meaningful only with respect to the particular city, is 'postal zone', not 'postal code'.

In some places when postal codes were introduced they were designed to incorporate the existing postal zones, such as London. I believe some other UK cities had numbered postal zones and these became the numerical part of the postal code, e. Birmingham 2 would now have B2 as the first part of all its codes, but this is partly only my conjecture [Ken Westmoreland says this is correct: Similarly, I believe New York 22, N.

In Canada, all postal zones were obsoleted when postal codes came into use. See the links below. Most of the links that were here before are defunct or have turned into commercials; c'est la Web. The address lookup service that was once online must now be ordered on CD. What is the Flag of England? They use UK postal codes. According to Finlay Smith, Scottish postal codes are based on postal towns: These regions can cover vast areas and are not necessarily close to the named town. Scotland also includes the Outer Hebrides, which also have UK postal codes.

Ken Westmoreland adds, Berwick-upon-Tweed in England is covered by the Scottish postcode area TD, much to the annoyance of locals there. Although Scotland and Wales have counties just like England does e. Clackmannanshire, Stirlingshire, West Lothian, etc, in Scotland , we don't necessarily write them. They are not essential for addressing, and in Scotland especially, using a county name might do more harm than good, since there are old and new county names and boundaries and much confusion about which town is in which county.

From Chris Cooke in Scotland: The big thing to realise about counties is that in , most English and Welsh counties were changed, and Scottish and Northern Irish counties were abolished completely. The Northern Ireland counties were later reinstated I think, but Scotland remained divided into regions yeuch until , when they were all abolished and the counties reinstated - but with different boundaries to the pre ones! England kept its counties throughout, but in and ?

As to Wales, Alan Perry reported in July , There was yet another change to county names in Wales [in ]; places like Gwynedd and South Glamorgan etc no longer exist! The former 8 counties have been replaced by 22 county borough councils and a few newly-named county councils. For an address inside a county borough: I don't know why. I suspect, however, that this information is dated — I can't find any material on this at the Royal Mail site, which makes sense now that counties have been deprecated.

Who is the queen of Scotland?

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None of these are part of the UK, but all of them are British Islands strictly defined. The Channel Islands and Isle of Man didn't have their own postal administrations until the late s, when the UK let them set up their own ones. Guernsey now has blue pillar boxes, the only British territory I know that does. Hence they didn't become part of the UK postcode system until the early s.

Channel Islands and Isle of Man postcodes begin as follows: We do indeed tend to refer to the Isle of Man as being within the British Isles.

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  8. Although unfortunately in these days of internet ordering and fill in boxes I find myself needing to go with an address like: A letter I never got as a result, so it is better to play it safe. The other difficulty is that with the Isle of Man administrating its own postcodes they aren't sold as part of the default database and some UK websites refuse to recognise them as valid as a result.

    Residents of the Falkland Islands now have a postcode similar in format to those used in the UK. The new postcode is expected to help reduce delays in the direction of mail to the Islands. Islanders have also found that many shopping websites refuse orders without a postcode. Falkland Islands inhabitants often find that their letters have transited the postal systems of places such as the Faroe Islands, Iceland or the most popular destination for lost Falklands mail, Falkirk in Scotland.

    The postcode should also make on-line shopping easier for Falklands residents, given that most Internet-purchasing services require a post or zip code before transactions can be completed. The following territories or dependencies have postcodes as of Here's an example of each kind: Guide Line Promotions Ltd.

    A Vanished Phoenix Barrio: Visions of Life on 16th Street

    People say that postcodes and automated sorting aren't needed in a place only 2. Reportedly the Gibraltar Government is considering options to introduce a postcode system; see this discussion. In February a reader offered the following clarification: The 'City Line Format' should be blank in the case of Gibraltar. Valid international address for a place in Gibraltar would be: Or in this case say 13 Irish Town, Gibraltar. Domestic mail could simply be addressed Main Street , 12 Tuckey's Lane , etc although people will frequently write Gibraltar below even for domestic mail as they are far more acustomed to using the post in an international mail context.

    Below is some extra explanation - if you have a sample address that 'appears' to disagree with the above! You do get addresses that are longer, but they are not towns in the postal sense. All falls within the street address strictly speaking, or is optional and unnecessary. Firstly you simply get some roads where people sometimes give the names relative to others.

    Indeed, you will see examples given relative to streets with confusing names such as 'Irish Town' which adds to foreign confusion! Next you get developments and urbanisations. However, in such addresses the development name forms part of the street element, although would generally be given on the next line. Also here the Marina Bay is technically not required because all the streets would be recognised postally. However it is convention to include them, as buildings would generally include them.

    Again, these however are only used for descriptive clarity and have no official definition, etc. And although given after the street address, they are not required. While convention is that examples such as 'Upper Rock' or 'South District' are less rarely given, others such as 'Europa Point' or 'Catalan Bay' are generally deemed as always part of the address. Indeed 'Europa Point' and 'Catalan Bay Village' are the closest things to towns in Gibraltar, as they are geographically distinct from the rest.

    They are given for geographical placing only, and are not postally towns. So should be viewed as a third line of street address. Some websites will erroneously say the capital of Gibraltar is 'Gibraltar town' or 'Gibraltar city' etc. But the whole of Gibraltar is Gibraltar and that always means the whole place. While there is a city centre, and slight geographical separation of Europa Point and Catalan Bay from the rest, they are still inside 'Gibraltar' which is always the name of the country.

    On international order forms we often have to write Gibraltar many times, but it is the country we are repeating upwards, not some fictional main town called Gibraltar city: Gibraltar, in reality, name of country State: Gibraltar, in reality, name of country PostCode: Indeed, even PO Boxes are numbered continuously in Gibraltar. So, PO Box , Gibraltar is a perfectly valid international address. If optionally given along with a street address, a PO Box number would go after all parts of the address before the country because it is the street address of the user of the postbox, not the PO Box itself.

    About people live in the Falklands, plus lots of penguins. Gibraltar is claimed by Spain and negotiations are presently underway as to its future. Gibraltar is BFPO 52, used when addressing armed forces personnel. Which countries have a picture of the Queen on their money? Northern Ireland has six counties. County names can be included, as in the country of Ireland next section , in which case the word County abbreviated Co.

    The county name is optional, however; usually just the postal town and postal code are sufficient, provided the postal code is on the city line. Derry — the city — is the principal town in Co. Londonderry but until recently it was also called Londonderry. The counties also have Irish names but I don't know if they can be used in North Ireland addresses.

    For reference, here they are: In Fermanagh for many years the Council refused to allocate roadnames or postcodes and insisted in retaining these traditional names. Naturally these townlands also had little relationship to the road layout, and houses had no actual numbers — the address was like: Kesh the nearest main village Co. This important things to remember are: Postcodes are not compulsary , the traditional address format still works.

    The situation is likely to be chaotic for some time. An Eircode identifies an individual mailbox rather than an area. Ireland is an independent country completely separate from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. For the country of Ireland, use, simply: Note that there is no country called the Republic of Ireland; that name was once used, but was abolished long ago; now it is the name of a football team. Ireland has never had postal codes but Dublin — and recently also Cork -- have postal zones. The lack of postal codes makes Ireland unique among European countries. Implementation of postal codes for Ireland has been an on-again off-again project for years.

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