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Psychotherapy in the Latter-Day Saint Community. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Confronting the Myth of Self-Esteem: Twelve Keys to Finding Peace. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Families. Your Guide to Stressless Living.

Stress Less

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Living a Covenant Marriage.

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Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work: Secrets of Happily Married Men: Why Marriages Succeed or Fail: Fighting for Your Marriage: Executive coach and psychotherapist Aimee Bernstein offers a more effective and realistic approach: See it as an energy source. Tap into its flow to accomplish more while feeling calm and centered.

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It's a counterintuitive message that frenzied professionals can actually use. In today's overbooked world, pressure is almost impossible to avoid. But with the tips, techniques, and exercises in Stress Less. A reality of everyday life, pressure can't realistically be eliminated altogether. But the good news is that you can succeed under all kinds of pressure—if you develop the skills and mindset to handle it better, and even to turn it into an ally. This book will fundamentally change the way you perceive and react to stressful circumstances, from sudden events to ongoing situations.

Stop Stressing, Start Living

You'll learn about your own physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual responses to stress and how to develop a new, more constructive relationship with pressure. Author Aimee Bernstein reveals how to:. She is also a licensed psychotherapist with 35 years of experience helping clients integrate the mind, body, and spirit toward more empowerment, success, and fulfillment in both business and everyday life. It's Humanitarian Day at the United Nations. As the seats in the General Assembly fill up, the excitement is palpable. Onto the stage steps Beyonc? With the symbol of the United Nations behind her, she stops center stage and waits for the music to begin.

The pressure must be enormous, yet she is so centered and upright, she doesn't display it. She begins to sing "I Was Here,? Behind her, a video shows people from around the world.

Stress Less | Book by Kate Hanley | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

For a moment her hand rests on her heart. The camera immediately pans to members of the audience, who are clearly touched by her presence and words. The music builds; her energy intensifies, embracing the far reaches of the hall. Her arm naturally rises to align with her center and then sweeps across her body in a semicircle. Behind her, a video of rescue efforts plays; the emotion builds, then the audience rises. She bends her knees, and as she straightens, I can see that she is deeply grounded.

Her voice becomes more compelling as her body movements emphasize her words. When she is done, she stands erect, fully present and quiet, seemingly undisturbed by the magnitude of energy that has just pulsated through her.

I watch this video countless times, each time spotting the clues to how she befriends pressure, which might otherwise create stress, and I know that I have witnessed a master. No one, even scientists, knows exactly what energy is; however, for our purposes I define it as an electromagnetic vibration that composes and connects all life by transmitting information. We can't always perceive energy, but it is always there, and when the personal and universal energy fields unite, the feeling is extraordinary—inspiring, empowering, confidence-building, and peaceful.

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In these moments the energy that was pressing on us becomes the fuel that uplifts, making us feel as big as the challenges we face. As our decisions and actions reflect our inner state, we lead and function more effectively and effortlessly. Not only do we cognitively understand the essence of leadership, we embody it. To live more consistently in this ideal state, and lead a "stress less? That's what this book is about.