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To ask other readers questions about After the Rain , please sign up. It's a "deeply emotional" romance about a woman, Avelina, who falls for a handsome cowboy and after a whirlwind romance settles into married life with him on their ranch until a freak accident brings everything to an end. She drew me in, made me fall in love, shattered my heart, and pieced it back together. See 1 question about After the Rain…. Lists with This Book. May 07, Christy rated it really liked it. Both looking for peace, for healing, and just may find it in the most unlikely of places.

Avelina is a young woman who has been through far too much tragedy in her short life. She fell in love young, she married young, then it was all taken away from her. The beginning story of Avelina and Jake star The beginning story of Avelina and Jake started out beautiful and turned into a completely heart wrenching tale.

Avelina still works on a ranch in Montana. She keeps to herself. The people that work at the ranch that used to feel like family are now more like strangers. Nate Myers shows up and changes everything. He has no time for anything personal. Working in the medical field, you know that one mistake can uproot your entire career. One mistake made Nate reevaluate his entire career. With all the work, he forgot the real reason why he wanted to be a surgeon in the first place. Nate has to get away for a while, take a break from his busy life. Get to the root of things- get some perspective.

He heads to the ranch in Montana where his uncle is. From the moment Nate lays eyes on Avelina, he can tell there is something about her. Something beautiful and something broken. You could feel it. They both had struggles, they were both broken characters, but with time, they were able to come together, to start healing themselves and one another. Avelina was a frustrating character at times, but any time I got frustrated with her because of her standoffishness, her stubbornness, I remembered. I remember what happened to her and why she was the way she was.

I had compassion for all she had been through. His strength, his patience, and his understanding. Avelina needed someone like him in her life. Those made me cry. I love reading her books. They suck me right in. After the Rain was no exception. The writing was truly wonderful- I could visualize all the surroundings perfectly and there was a great flow. The story was beautiful and emotional.

I felt while reading this book. I laughed, I cried, I swooned over Nate. I had a few small issues with things leading up to the end, but it was still a great read. This is a very well written story that I would highly recommend! View all 36 comments. Sep 02, Lady Vigilante Feifei rated it liked it Shelves: This is one of those books where I read the blurb and immediately wanted to get my hands on the book. Not only is it described as an emotional second chance romance but a romance between a wrangler and a doctor, two people who are so opposite of each other and under normal circumstances would never have met.

At 18, 3 stars! At 18, the heroine Avelina gets caught up in a whirlwind courtship and marriage with another young wrangler and they live a quiet, simple life on the ranch. Her experiences through the years have turned her from a vibrant young woman into a cold, harsh shell of who she once was. She blames herself for not being enough to save her husband and she blames her husband for destroying what was left of her heart.

On the opposite end of the country, the hero Nate is a rising star in the surgical field about to take on an operation. It is in the lush scenery of Montana and amongst the wild horses he meets Avelina, a widow for five years now. Up to this point in the book, everything was perfect.

It was at least a 4. Sadly, this is also the part that fell extremely flat and was the beginning of the end of this book for me. Here is my rationale: What makes these two specific characters right for each other? It fell right in the middle, and usually those are the books that readers have trouble in deciding whether or not to read.

IMO, I would recommend this book but with caution, as a frustrating heroine can really wear you down. View all 68 comments. Oct 14, Amy Foxy rated it really liked it Shelves: Ava has had her fill of heartache as a young woman. She had her dreams crushed as a newlywed and never fully recovered from that incident.

Feeling hopeless in her efforts to fix her situation she withdraws from everyone who loves her. Pouring herself into her work with horses allows her to keep people out of her life. She creates an island of herself to protect her heart from anymore sorrow. Nate is a brilliant heart surgeon who experiences a life changing moment in his career that leaves him questioning his life. Recovering from that moment he takes a month off from his work in the city to help his uncle on a ranch in Montana. The moment he lays eyes on Ava his curiosity takes over and he makes it his mission to show her compassion where others have failed.

These two broken hearts are brought together on a ranch in Montana. Learning to love again is an effort that both of them must figure out. While After the Rain starts out strong it has its moments where I was extremely frustrated with Ava. When Ava finally takes the bull by the horns I cheered for her. November 11, Pre-order order: View all 57 comments. May 05, Patrycja added it Shelves: After The Rain turned out to be very disappointing read. I couldn't connect with the plot, characters or anything else for that matter.

Avelina and Nate's story is one of the most emotionless, flat and boring stories I've read in quite awhile. The plot seemed to hold so much potential but the execution was horrible. It missed the spark 'Sweet Thing' had. There was literally nothing that made me sad, feel heartbreak or even crack a smile. It was so empty. I can't even comprehand how the same woman who wrote the sweetest, sexiest and cutest romance ever could create Books are supposed to make you feel something, aren't they? There is no point of going forward if there isn't a single spark. I am sorry but I couldn't finish this.

May 13, Aestas Book Blog marked it as to-read Shelves: I can't wait for this book!!!! Meanwhile, Nate Myers was intending to follow in the footsteps of his father, a superstar surgeon, but a malpractice suit ruins his career and he retreats to a cattle ranch where meets Avelina!! View all 4 comments. Sep 17, Catarina rated it liked it Shelves: She was happy, had a simple life and was in love.

Until tragedy robed her everything. Now she's broken and doesn't believe she deserves to be happy. Nate is also going into a rough phase. He's a heart surgeon who just lost a patient on the operation table. When their lives cross in a Montana ranch they fell a strong connection with each other, but neither of them belibes their worth it.

What they still habe to find out is that sometimes, you need 3 Healing Stars Avelina thought she had everything. What they still habe to find out is that sometimes, you need to broken souls to find, so they can heal together. This was a sweet romance, but in my opinion it lacked something. I can quite put my finger on what, but I didn't felt that nice warm feeling I usually get when I'm reading romances I love.

Instead I got bored several times. I loved all Renee's books so far,and I liked this one, I did. I just don't think its her best work, by far. Ava annoyed me So much. I get it, she was broken and I did see why she acted that way, but still, it annoyed me. I really enjoyed, however, her decision towards the end, it showed how strong she was. Nate was sweet, but he really should learn to get his priorities straight.

As a couple, they were sweet but they lacked connection and some "steaminess". View all 8 comments. After the Rain reminded me why I love reading. You have to understand something about me. I read books to escape. My life in itself is beautiful. I have a loving husband, a beautiful daughter, and a job that I love. Reading is my vice and my way to pretend that a different world is the reality, if only for a while.

But then there are books that are so beautiful, so raw, so real, and so honest that they completely gut you. This book made me cry because it broke my heart and because it was so breathtakingly beautiful. Even now, just thinking of the book makes my heart ache with longing and my eyes tear up. That feeling of longing that I remember feeling for my husband when we first started dating, I am feeling for a book! I also limit the heavier reads because they tend to affect me pretty deeply. Rarely do I cry, but they can really affect my mood and can keep me down for a whole day if I let them.

There are some that have made me teary, and some that even caused a few tears to fall. Keep that in mind when I tell you this. I was learning that being alive means knowing the threat of dying is there but facing your mortality and moving through it anyway. The pain that I felt for her was fierce and gripped my heart like a fist. It stole my breath. At one point I cried so hard and so suddenly that I clapped my hand over my mouth to muffle my sob and burrowed my face in my pillow to keep from waking my daughter from her nap while I wailed like a baby.

I ugly cried, my face leaking every possible fluid while I felt the pain like it happened to me. I have never experienced body-wracking sobs like that from a book or from any fictional character. Nathaniel is unlike any other hero, love interest, book boyfriend, insert-your-title-of-choice-here. I could not get enough of him. His heart and soul are so pure, good and beautiful that I was helpless to fall in love with him. The four-week roller coaster of my life was clicking back up the tracks. I was at that point when you reach the peak before falling and you think maybe you want off, that maybe they can stop it.

I have never read a book that compelled me to write to the author. Here is a portion of what I wrote to her: Everything is so crisp and real. You are the only author to ever evoke emotion out of me like that. She is something very special. Unfortunately, I will have to settle with feeling like I know her through social media and experiencing pieces of her through her books. Well this sits firmly on my "worst books ever" shelf. I'm quite shocked that this came from Carlino because while I do think that the quality of her novels have declined since Sweet Thing, all have been enjoyable even if I did have some peeves.

After the Rain was awful. I'm not quite sure how, after being in such a rut, that I didn't DNF it. The amount of melodrama in this novel is threat level Charlie and all of it is either caused by or made unbearable by Ava. She was Well this sits firmly on my "worst books ever" shelf. She was written to have no self-worth, no will to live, to be extremely depressed, to talk like a robot, and to be extremely unreasonable. Throughout the entire book I was trying to kill her with my mind.

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Nate started off as an interesting character. I remember thinking that I liked him, but as soon as he got interested in Ava for no apparent reason he became a cheesy pushover who seemed to live only to serve her. It was such a turn off.

Walker Books - Home in the Rain

Ava would over-react, act like an idiot, refuse to talk to him, and he would drive across the country to make it better. He was constantly catering to her and trying way too hard to make her feel better. It made me feel gross. He became desperate for Ava'a attention and it made me extremely aggravated.

The sex scenes were not hot. Ava's mental state made it really hard for me to even read these. She was so fragile and such a shell of a person that it felt wrong for them to be having sex. I am not under any circumstances making any claims of rape, but it felt inappropriate and frankly kind of predatory for Nate to be physically intimate with her. She was just so messed up in the head that it seemed like Nate should have been trying to take care of her in other ways.

I think the author did attempt to write this, but I think the novel would have been better served if there was no sex between Nate and Ava until the end of the story. It was just creepy to me the way it was written. Regardless of all of that, it wasn't even hot.

This is the end of the spoiler free portion of my free. Expensive for an eBook! If you're still reading, here's a list of spoilery things that happen in order to really drive it home: In the beginning of the novel, Ava laughs and all of her friends look at her in awe because it's been 4 years since they've heard her laugh.

She runs away and thinks they're mad at her for being happy for 5 seconds. Ava calls him after he goes back to LA and hears a random woman in the background. She gets all mad that he's around a woman, hangs up, and then won't answer any of his subsequent calls. He drives from LA to Montana to explain. He takes her dress shopping ad says he "loves spoiling her.

The words, "Let me have your mouth, Ava," were said by Nate. This is where the book really jumped the shark. Here's the best one: They're on a date at a restaurant and a man has a heart attack. Nate is a heart surgeon so he goes to the hospital with him. She decides to follow him to the hospital with his truck so he isn't stranded, but he rode on the helicopter to a hospital 3 hours away. Ava goes any way. So she's basically outside freezing to death because the truck is almost out of gas and she doesn't want to turn on the heater.

She decides to run for an hour around the parking lot to warm up. Then, she gets back in the truck and sleeps there overnight. All this time, Nate never answers his phone when she calls even though he knew she was coming behind him. In the morning, Ava remembers that the ER exists and walks around the hospital until she finds it. They fight because he didn't even think about her. He gives her dollars for a cab ride home.

Ava runs away to Spain. Ava decides that she and Nate can't talk or see each other for a full year to "prove their love" is real. Review is on the blog: View all 12 comments. Jun 17, Noodle rated it really liked it. We can take all the precautions, go through our lives being terrified of everything, and still there's a chance that we'll walk out the front door and get hit by a stray bullet meant for someone else. This is exactly what I've been looking for. Have you ever picked up a book where you knew by the first page that you were going to love it? How about trying to read as slowly as possible to savor every last word only to realize th "Sometimes there's no reasonable explanation why shit happens.

How about trying to read as slowly as possible to savor every last word only to realize that you're already on the last page? From the moment I read the very first sentence of After the Rain, I knew that this book was "the one". And after the first page? I was a goner. This is my first Renee Carlino book, even though I do have her previous works on my kindle. I've only ever heard good things about her and now I'm beating myself up for waiting so damn long to read her books. Her latest book had destroyed me and I mean that in a good way! The story follows both Avelina and Nathaniel as they go on a journey together to strive to find peace within themselves.

Both have to endure different types of tragedy beyond what anyone should ever have to experience in a lifetime. The real test is finding the strength to do the hardest thing of all It's dark and cruel and honestly that's what I believe is the true beauty of it. Without a little bit of rain, we would never fully appreciate the sun.

She's blissfully happy and one moment is all it takes for it to be taken away. Nate is well on his way to becoming a top notch heart surgeon. It's something he's dreamed about his whole life. He's living day to day as a workaholic when it all comes crashing down. Resulting in him taking a break on a ranch in Montana. Life can be so cruel. When Nate shows up on the ranch she's been living on and working at, they form a friendship. But Nate wants more; something Ava just can't give him without bringing all her demons along. Will Ava ever be ever to let go of all the pain from the past? What about Nate, will he be able to help lure Ava out of the wall she keeps herself behind?

After the Rain is a gut-wrenching, heart-squeezing, ugly-crying, and deeply satisfying read. One look into this book and you won't ever want to get out. The heartbreak yet heartfelt feelings you get while reading the book will have you flying through the pages as if they aren't even there. Although the book has many dark moments, it shines with light as we realize that sometimes when you least expect it, life can truly surprise you.

It's obvious Carlino has such a way with words that you can't help but feel like After the Rain has a life of its own. The characters are flawed and that's what makes them perfect. I highly recommend this novel. And if you're a newbie of the author like I was, just go ahead and do yourself a favor by buying her books.

Jul 15, Melissa Brown rated it it was amazing Shelves: I couldn't get enough of this compelling, heart-wrenching, sexy and beautifully written story of second chances and new beginnings. I finished with tears streaming down my cheeks and a smile plastered to my face, so grateful for the time spent with these captivating characters who now hold a very special place in my heart.

Renee Carlino… you keep doing this to us and we fall for it every time. You paint this wonderful picture of a perfect life for your characters, where they have everything they could possibly dream of. You distract us, making us lose ourselves in their world. You make our hearts swell with joy and happiness, where excitement about what the future holds keeps us on the edge of our sea Review: You make our hearts swell with joy and happiness, where excitement about what the future holds keeps us on the edge of our seats.

Eva and Nate were two characters who had suffered unimaginable loss but through very different circumstances. Nate was a cardiologist performing ground breaking surgery, saving lives, quite literally fixing hearts that were broken. But when a surgery went horribly wrong, he was forced to take a step back and reevaluate all that he had ever known. I was a terrible surgeon. I was a murderer. Eva was only young when she met Jake McRae but she knew straight away that he would be the love of her life.

What this couple shared was beautiful, all consuming, intense It was what most people dream of but in the blink of an eye it was gone and Eva was left dealing with the aftermath of the tragedy. She went through so much at such a young age and the guilt and self loathing she felt as a result, left her withdrawing from all those that loved her. She pretty much became a recluse, living only for her horses. It was like they were scratching to find answers that never came and instead they were left with the same thoughts going around in their heads Eva's character was so complex but it was still difficult not to be affected by all she had been through.

At her age, she Should have been our there living her life, her hopes and dreams a bright light calling to her. Instead she hid from the world feeling she was to blame for all that had happened. She was angry, hurt, heart broken and I completely understood why she felt this way. I think you will too once you read the book. The events leading to her feeling the way she did were not as cut and dry as you may initially think. However, the further I progressed into "After the Rain," the more I wanted to shake Eva because she wouldn't even entertain the prospect of moving on with her life, instead digging her heels in when opportunities to move forward presented.

History of the Rain

I wanted her to grab the bull by the horns but time and time again, she pushed away. The pain ran so deep in me, though I remained quiet and still on the surface, like an eerily calm lake. Nate, my beautiful fixer of broken hearts I loved how selfless this man was and I admired his persistence when it came to this woman. Trust me, there were times she made it difficult to like her. Others told him to run a mile, he dismissed the advice and instead pushed forward, following the feelings that were ever growing within.

The question I kept asking myself was, with all that each of these characters had been through, could they possibly heel one another? I wasn't so sure. I felt both had some souls searching to do. Neither had ever really found thier place in the world, instead following in the expectations of others. You make me feel I haven't felt anything for anyone like this. I loved how they each connected the two main characters and I for one wanted to be a part of that family Old man and all. Renee's writing was just perfect for the story that was told.

The simplicity of the words, the fact that there were no exaggerated explanations for emotions that were felt made it all the more impactful. I could hear the characters speaking in my head and it felt so right for who they were and all they had been through. And to add to that, the visuals that were incorporated into the story line meant I could picture the setting for the whole book and it was beautiful. I wanted to be on that ranch. This author really has written another fantastic story and I cannot wait for you all the read it.

I have a feeling you're going to love it. My heart ached, it swelled with joy, I laughed and of course there were tears. The character development was perfect and I loved the way both Nate and Eva grew both as individuals and as a couple. In all my years, I've learned that life delivers many storms for us to weather. Some will be slow, brooding, quiet beasts, and others will be loud,thunderous and frightening.

But if you're willing to look close enough, no matter how devastating the storm may be, after the rain you'll always find new life sprouting in the aftermath. This story was such a roller coaster of emotions. One that I enjoyed. Right from the start, my heart was ripped out. When Jake and Avelina met at a horse competition, there was an instant spark. Three months later, they found themselves married and living a simple life on a ranch in Montana. It was sweet and idyllic. But a freak accident and a devastating tragedy left Ava a widow.

What a devas "Forever is only now. What a devastating blow! Jake was sweet, but as the story unfolded and we learned more things about him, not so much. Ava was swallowed up by her grief and simply existed for years on the ranch, until Nate showed up. I just miss him and I'll never stop missing him. He needs to gain some much needed perspective. Being totally focused on becoming a doctor, he never really dated or even set up a life outside of the hospital. It was really kind of pathetic. There was something about Ava that intrigued him and he was relentless in his pursuit of her. She didn't make it easy though.

Her own doubt and self blame held her back so many times from just moving on and living life. Maybe someday I can have you? He was kind and so patient with Ava. Sure he let work get in the way a few times, but he was so determined to build a life with her and to see her happy. Ava on the other hand, seemed so self-centered at times. I don't understand how she let her grief and guilt overtake her entire life, especially after watching her mother's complete shutdown. Her decision near the end of the book really threw me off the most though.

It was sad and really selfish in my eyes. I can understand wanting to find yourself, but I didn't care for the way she went about it.

Home in the Rain

Nate hung in there though and they made it through. His letters were pretty cute and made me smile. Overall, a really sweet love story. Sep 30, Kara rated it really liked it Shelves: Of all things, an MP3 player. Then he begins to deteriorate in front of her, blood running down his face.

No, her cell phone is number one. She puts a bad face to teenage girls everywhere. When she could be rooting the stores for clean water, food, anything useful, she heads straight towards the makeup. But at the same time, a good chunk of this book was her choosing whether to get plum lipstick or orange lipstick and taking both because she can.

Yeah, I might have gotten pretty riled up with the snarkiness but I have been waiting to rant this review since I started this book. The last line was something about her cell phone. I looked over my shoulder at the two of them, just standing there. Charitable and also a sign of how serious the situation was: Sourcebooks Fire provided me with a copy of H2O.

Oh, so I'll be honest here. I totally judged the book by the cover on this one. But could you blame me? It just looks so cool. Anyway, the concept for this book is actually really cool, and unique. The rain has turned deadly, and if it makes contact with your skin it devours your flesh. It's just the execution that's bothering me. For one, Ruby m-f'n Morris has got to be one of the worst main characters ever. She's your typical snotty 15 year old high school girl who's way too preoccupied with h Oh, so I'll be honest here. She's your typical snotty 15 year old high school girl who's way too preoccupied with her looks and stuff.

Half of the books she's whining about her phone, hey, guess what? There's no service anyways because in case you haven't noticed, there's rain killing everyone! Holy crap SPOILER your whole family is dead and you just want to steal thousands and thousands of dollars worth of designer anything you can get your hands on. She is that girl in your class that you either want to be, or punch as hard as you can in the face. Personally, I'll go for the latter. Secondly, the pacing seems really weird to me, but maybe that's because she's always over-analyzing irrelevant stuff such as the popularity hierarchy of her school.

I really wanted to like this book. It sounded like a cool book, my boyfriend actually recommended it after reading the blurb on the back because he knows I love dystopians but I really wish I didn't waste my money and time on this. I'm so angry about this book I can't even organize my thoughts to properly convey my feelings, so I apologize about the ramblings and probably multiple typos above.

I just want to stop thinking about this book First, let's start off on a semi-good note and unfortunately there are only two good things that I can say about this book: The Plot I have never read a horror book before, and when I first purchased this book, I thought it would be more dystopian than horror, but oh well. The idea was interesting, about not being able to go out in the rain, and it might have even been tolerabl 1.

The idea was interesting, about not being able to go out in the rain, and it might have even been tolerable had it not been for the main character, Ruby. The writing style was good, it was honestly the only reason I got as far as I did. There was just something about it that made it hard to put down. And now, onto the bad: I skimmed the last couple of chapters, so I have a pretty good idea of what happens between the part that I stopped at and the end. And not only that, she's a bitch.

I mean, the girl packs up practically all of her belongings, several neighborhood dogs , and then gets in the car. She did not bring any water or food. And that's when I lost it. I just couldn't deal with her stupidity anymore. I could go on and on about how much this book pissed me off, but I won't, because I have already written this review several times and it always ends up rambly so View all 3 comments. May 25, Karleigh. Reads rated it liked it. This book was a good read. It had its mix on humour, post-apocalyptic horror, and tragic situations.

It was such an interesting idea for a post-apocalyptic story. The book really made you think about how much water affects our everyday lives. I also ended up reading the second half on a very rainy day and I did catch myself being very cautious when I opened the back door and windows.

I enjoyed Ruby's humour, I did find her a bit immature as well but that is to be expected for a year-old girl. I also really enjoyed that it took place in England. The worst part about the whole book is what happened to Whitby, I had to put the book down for a little bit. I ended up reading that page three times. I own a golden retriever so it hit home. Anyway good post-apocalyptic book, give it a try! Jul 07, Darren Hagan rated it really liked it. Not a bad book but nothing spectacular.

I chose to start this book because I was really in the mood for something apocalyptic and I definitely got that, but from a very interesting premise comes a very just-okay book. I'll start with the things I liked. The story itself was actually fairly good and the pacing was enough to keep me just the right level of interested. I think the panic of the population was captured well and I could definitely imagine people acting in the ways they were acting with all the looting etc.

Trying to think of more to say I didn't particularly enjoy the main character. Granted I'm probably being a too harsh because she was only 15 but she was really quite irritating at times. She started off kind of alright and seemed like she was going to grow and become a lot more mature but she really didn't. After all the dying or dead people she encountered because of the poisonous rain, the amounts of times she just went outside without even looking to check and see if the sky was cloudy was really quite ridiculous.

And some of the stuff she does is just silly but I won't really get into that for spoilers. I thought she would go on this journey of becoming a more tolerable character when she eventually teamed up with the school nerd but she just didn't. Also, because it was told in an autobiographical way, I think I would have enjoyed it far more if I was a bit younger.

The ending was a bit meh for me too. While it was a quick read with an interesting and unique concept and a decent plot, I just couldn't get past my issues with the MC to give a higher rating. I hope she changes more in The Storm. Sep 22, Kirsti rated it did not like it. This book is awful. Seriously, great concept destroyed by completely idiotic main character, narrated by said main character. Ruby is your stereotypical don't care teenage girl. By don't care I mean she cares about her looks, her phone and her reputation on the popularity chart, in that order.

She doesn't care about anyone else except for how they can make her life better, and take care of her after most of the world's population dies because our entire water supply is contaminated by a bacteriu This book is awful. She doesn't care about anyone else except for how they can make her life better, and take care of her after most of the world's population dies because our entire water supply is contaminated by a bacterium that kills only humans. What are the chances, eh? We destroy a meteor headed for Earth and inadvertently cause it to rain down upon us. The bacterium also breeds in water insanely fast, so all the water is contaminated in a few hours.

Anyway, back to what made this book so nauseating for me. Every one knows she's an idiot. When the deaths first start, her stepfather sits her down and tells her ten times that she must not drink or touch the water.

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Because she needs to look after herself and live. What does she do as soon as the conversation ends? Goes to rinse her plate in the sink. You seriously can't be that stupid! She's watched her neighbors clawing at their windows covered in blood. Her make out buddy from the beginning spent ten seconds in the rain and was practically dead in the back seat of the car ten minutes later. OK, so she doesn't understand water from the sink is contaminated. If rain is bad, don't you reckon you might stick your head out the window occasionally and check the sky for clouds, plan when you're going to get food and rescue animals and phones?

Nope, she just rides off on her bike, thinking half way to her destination how silly she was for not checking. Then she gives a big speech on how she shouldn't eat any vegetables or fruits that have been outside in case they are contaminated as well, and picks up a rock to suck on to relieve her thirst. In later adventures of Ruby, she finally decides to go out and open the houses of her neighbors and set their pets free.

She does this so she can get them killed later or abandon them. She also releases the prisoners in the police station, something I assumed would have a point but didn't. She tries fake tan, takes all the make up and designer clothing she wants, and promptly loses most of it. She dyes her hair red and eats lots of chocolate. Basically she does what a five year old with no grasp of the situation would do, instead of a fifteen year old. Finally there is the introduction of characters that aren't Ruby.

There's a nerd from her class, but he's only worth a quick snog in a cupboard and not really a love interest because he thinks she's stupid. Even the army thinks she's stupid, because they assess her skills and send her of with people in wheelchairs and the elderly because they're trying to only support members of the community with skills worth saving for the future.

Nice one, Ru, you have zero skills and don't deserve to live with the other survivors. That dumb that even at 15 everyone thinks you have no future. I admit I got a twisted pleasure from this book. Ruby is that bad that I had to read on and hope she died. Unfortunately she didn't, and she learned no discernable skills, made no friends or allies, and went back to living in her same house after returning from London.

All the animals she helped are dead or gone. She has no supplies, no car but unfortunately seems to have picked up her story for a sequel. I wonder how stupid she can get next time? Giftiger Regen, verseuchtes Grundwasser oder gar kein Wasser. Ich kann mir gar nicht vorstellen, nicht nach Belieben zu duschen oder Wasser zu trinken.

Allerdings traf mich die volle Wucht der Meine Meinung: Das alles und dieser unsympathische Charakter von Ruby, der Protagonistin, hemmen den Lesefluss ungemein. Manche Dinge haben mir aber auch gefallen. Die Betonung liegt auf eigentlich. Wie kann man nur eine derart tolle Idee in den Sand setzen? Andererseits ist da dieser Schreibstil. Mehr ist leider nicht drin.

That's why the second I heard about this series, I knew that I had to check it out. I mean, it's a dystopian that's unlike any others! It features rain as the cause for the end of the world. It's just so clever! H2O followed a young girl named Ruby, who lived with her mom, her step-dad, and their kid. One day while partying with friends, a storm comes. However, this isn't your average storm. This storm has rain that comes down and literally makes you bleed, and ultimately kills you. I know, how scary is that!? She ends up getting home and makes it into her house, though perhaps not everyone in her house will survive that much longer.

The rest of the story is about how Ruby tries surviving in this horrid new world. I have to say, this book completely freaked me out because the downfall of humanity and earth was caused by rain. What makes it even scarier is that it was pouring and thundering outside as I read this! I was almost a little afraid to go outside, though I had to reassure myself that what I had read was all fictional.

I felt so bad for Ruby. Everyone she knew and loved in her neighborhood was dying off, leaving her completely alone to fend for herself. I honestly don't know how I'd have thought to get water in this world. You can't use the faucet or the shower because it will have the poisoned water, and same goes for streams outside.

I loved how she and her step-dad went to the grocery store and took water from flower-pots. It's not something that I'd have thought of, that's for sure. After finishing this book, I'm sure to start reading the sequel! Seriously it is so different from any other book I've read and even tho it didnt give alot of feels it still broke my heart i know i say that almost to every single book i read but hey!

Im such a sensitive and emotional reader okay? However, I believe it is absolutely understandable that I should feel somewhat sad about the idea of the story since it does talk about an apocalypse. But the thing is, I was totally fine the whole book up until the l 4. But the thing is, I was totally fine the whole book up until the last 20 pages or so when it really started to hit me what a disastrous and miserable situation Ruby was in.

The thing is she's only freaking 15 year old!! She was forced to do alot of things and depend on herself when she should have had plenty of time to grow and have someone help her learn them but i guess a killer rain apocalypse situation would take this privilege from everyone. Anyways im glad I won the sequel and that I can start with it immediately and I hope her dad comes back to her and take this bulk of a burden off her poor frail shoulders. Stay strong Ruby Morris. Worst book in ! She is the most annoying character I've ever read!

I DNRed this book because the main character is just so annoying. She is such a brat and her inner dialogue makes me want to bash my head in a car door. H20 or The Rain if you're from Britain is a book that I've been really looking forward to reading for quite some time. We all need water to survive so the concept was equally terrifying and ingenious. Now take that idea of tainted water and add in a pathogen of some sort that eats you from within and replicates in said water and you have yourself a pretty damn interesting story.

One of the things that I really enjoyed about H20 was how realistically portrayed the characters were. Ruby acts exac H20 or The Rain if you're from Britain is a book that I've been really looking forward to reading for quite some time.

Reviews for The Rain

Ruby acts exactly as you'd expect a teenager to behave. Yes, she maybe isn't the most likable protagonist but then again a lot of that stems from her probably watching everyone she's cared about die in pretty horrifying ways. I know a lot of people took issue with the character obsessing over her phone and also going on a looting spree but I think that's exactly the response I'd expect from a teenager in that situation.

Speaking of the characters, I also really enjoyed her companion Darius. He was so sweet and caring and tried so hard to be a good friend to Ruby even when she was rejecting him at every turn. I really hope he's alright and that we see him again. Lastly I loved the dogs, my heart broke in pieces during one scene and I really, really, did I mention? That scene guys, my heart hurt. Another thing that I found to be interesting was how the characters dealt with the sudden lack of water. Some stuck with drinking the obvious soda, bottled water, juices etc One of the best things I saw took place when Ruby and her stepfather were looking for water in a grocery store.

By happy accident they realized the plants in the floral section sitting in buckets of water were left untouched. I actually had never thought of that as a source myself but now that I've seen it I'll definitely be adding that into my survival knowledge memory bank. Now although I really enjoyed H20 I did find fault with a few small things. First off, while I liked the character Princess, being mute did make it hard to connect with her character. I understand she was traumatized and that's why she didn't speak but she could still have a personality despite that.

You just have to be a bit more creative with making it known. Secondly, I wish the ending wasn't so ambiguous. Lastly, I know it might seem like I'm nitpicking but Ruby's refusal to drink the baby formula bugged me. When you don't know where your next drink is coming from you don't turn your nose up at a source untouched and safe. Plus it is filled with bonus calories so it's an extra win necessity wise.

Final Thoughts In the end, even though H20 might not have been a perfect read I can't deny that I enjoyed the book despite the stories few issues to the contrary. The Author is if anything a talented writer and the fact she turned a concept like flesh eating rain into something non gimmicky is a credit to that. I definitely will be reading the sequel should one be released and I would certainly recommend reading H20 if you haven't already. All opinions are my own and I was not compensated in any which way for providing them. Jul 07, Hazel rated it it was ok Shelves: Thank you to NetGalley and Pan Macmillan for providing a proof copy to read and review.

The world has already had to deal with worldwide pandemics spread by animals and birds such as swine flu and bird flu. What if there was a fatal disease in the rain? How would humanity cope? This is what Virginia Bergin explores in her debut novel aptly titled The Rain. If anyone were to come into contact with the rain, even a single drop, or contaminated water they would have an immediate reaction and be dead Thank you to NetGalley and Pan Macmillan for providing a proof copy to read and review. If anyone were to come into contact with the rain, even a single drop, or contaminated water they would have an immediate reaction and be dead in less than three hours.

Fifteen-year-old Ruby Morris, who has so far managed to survive this disaster, narrates the story starting from the first day that the disease arrived in Britain. Ruby describes the losses of her friends and immediate family, the surprising improvement with her relationship with her stepfather Simon. She explains at length the things she had to face in order to survive, firstly with Simon and then with a particularly nerdy boy from school.

Despite hints from the title and the blurb, of course it is a long time before Ruby reveals what has actually happened. She talks to the reader as if they are experiencing the same thing and therefore know what she is referring to. Whilst this was probably an attempt to create suspense and to encourage the reader to keep reading it was slightly galling. What was really wanted was for Ruby to get to the point so that she and her audience would be on the same wavelength. Whilst some readers may be able to relate to the main character: Even in the face of the potential end of the world, or at least mankind, she is constantly worrying about the way she looks and what she wears, and is thrilled that she can break into expensive shops and take whatever make-up or clothing she wishes.

There was probably a point in this character flaw — the exploration of how not only a young person copes on there own in dire situations, but someone of this particular mindset — however it was exasperating to read. She did change a little over the course of the story but not enough for her to become a likable character.

The Rain is more appropriate for young adult readers due to the nature of the main character, however it does deal with rather disturbing themes such as death and violence. Having said that there is nothing to stop older readers from enjoying the novel. It is an interesting concept, which, although highly unlikely to occur, will make people question how they would behave in the given situation. Would they be one of the first to die, or would they be in supermarkets fighting for the quickly disappearing food and drink?

It is a thought-provoking idea! Feb 19, Nele rated it really liked it. Although I found Ruby to be a brat who made very poor decisions and keeps being alive - how it's possible, I'm not sure , I enjoyed this book. It reads very easily. It makes you think about what would happen if pure water would run out. I freaked out a bit about this and started to imagine it. I know that Ruby is supposed to be a 15 year old, but I don't appreciate poor spelling or slang in the books I read.

I could have gone without the "so's" and "doncha" Although I found Ruby to be a brat who made very poor decisions and keeps being alive - how it's possible, I'm not sure , I enjoyed this book. I could have gone without the "so's" and "doncha". It's not because kids talk this way that you have to write it down.

Nothing wrong with some proper spelling. She hates her stepdad, has a major crush on Caspar, and is a vegetarian. But once things start you happen, she turns into a warrior. She has to survive on her own and try and get to London to get to her dad, if he is still there. There was times when I was at the edge of my seat because of how realistic it is. Rudy is the 'narrator' because it's in the perspective of her writing H2O like a book. I will admit there was a few boring parts in there, but there has to be some or otherwise is was just non-stop action.

Also, some of the main characters that did die not naming any of them in my opinion shouldn't have. So would have liked to see what would happen if she had one of them by her side through the whole book. The ending really through me off, I understood it, but I need to know what happens next. And if a book leaves you like that, you know it's a keeper ;.