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50 Bromine Test Strips

50 Bromine Test Strips
Price : £7.95 (inc VAT)

About the 50 Bromine Test Strips

Test Bromine, PH and Alkalinity.

Testing your spa water Regularly testing your spa water is an essential part of spa maintenance, as without testing you will have no idea what the chlorine or bromine, pH, Total Alkalinity and Calcium Hardness levels are. For the testing of domestic spas, test strips or pooltesters are normally used. It is important that you test your spa water regularly, ideally every day. AquaSPArkle Test Strips AquaSPArkle 3 Way Test Strips provide a quick and easy way to test your hot tub water: 3 Way Test Strips enable you to test for total bromine, pH & total alkalinity Although not as accurate as using a test kit, test strips are very quick and easy to use and take the 'chore' out of testing.

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