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Tuesday 20th February 2018 1:32pm

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Hot Tub Repairs

altHot tubs are complex pieces of equipment. There are pumps, heaters, sensors, printed circuit boards and hundreds of glued joints hidden away within their tidy cabinets. They happily sit, bubbling away, always welcoming with hot steaming water. However, there will come a time when you lift the lid and it is on but cold, or it won't turn on at all.

There are numerous faults which can occur with a spa and what you need is the advice from an experienced service technician who understands your spa, the fault it may have, and the ability to fix it, quickly and efficiently. Our qualified electrician and pump specialist is here to help. Call out fee depends on mileage but extremely reasonable!

Please contact us to advise us of your problem or telephone 01427 629234 or 07828 894 269.

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