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Monday 19th February 2018 12:09pm

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Wellis Highline Hot Tubs

Take control of your personal wellness with your very own Highline hot tub. Tranquillity for the mind, body and spirit. Treat your senses to the delights of a home oasis, far from the stresses and strains of your hurly burly life. Highline hot tubs all come with built in colour therapy lighting as standard. Did you know that colours affect our moods? The ancient art of chromotherapy has been practiced since early Egyptian times and now, our super bright led lighting technology has brought it right into the 21st century. The sculptured soft curves, deep seats, and stretch out legroom of a Myline hot tub are more than just good ergonomics and style. The really clever stuff is hidden within the hot tub shell out of sight where our industry leading technology adds exceptional safety, strength, durability, and longevity to every Highline hot tub we sell.

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